Common two-hand gestures :

here are some of the most used two-hand gestures, some you know and some you don’t, learn to use these two-hand gestures for enhancing you non-verbal communication skills.

  • Air quotes are made by raising both hands to eye level and flexing the index and middle fingers of both hands while speaking. Their meaning is similar to that of scare quotes in writing.
  • Añjali Mudr? is a two-hand gesture that is a sign of respect among yoga practitioners. It is made by pressing the palms together.
  • Applause is an expression of approval made by clapping the hands together to create noise.
  • Awkward turtle is a two-hand gesture used to mark a moment as awkward. One hand is placed flat atop the other with both palms facing down, fingers extended outward from the hand and thumbs stuck out to the sides. The thumbs are rotated to symbolize flippers.

  • Batsu. In Japanese culture, the batsu (literally: ×-mark) is a two-hand gesture made by crossing one’s arms in the shape of an “X” in front of them in order to indicate that something is “wrong” or “no good”.
  • Bras d’honneur is an obscene gesture made by flexing one elbow while gripping the inside of the bent arm with the opposite hand
  • Chironomia refers to the use of two-hand gestures to support oratory.
  • The Kohanic or Priestly Blessing – a gesture of benediction in Judaism, used (especially by those of Kohanic or priestly descent) when reciting the Priestly Blessing (Number 6: 22-26). Both hands are held up, palms toward the congregation, with the fingers grouped in twos – the little and ring fingers together, the index and second fingers together, and the tips of the two thumbs touching. Emblems of this gesture are used on the tombstones of those of kohanic ancestry. A one-handed version of this was adopted by Leonard Nimoy for the Vulcan salute in the TV series Star Trek.
  • Forefinger Rub — pointing one index finger at a person and rubbing the other against it — conveys the meaning “shame on you” and is usually performed when the other person has done something shameful or inappropriate.
  • Gator Chomp displays support for University of Florida athletic teams. The gesture is made by extending both arms in front of the chest and clapping the hands vertically.
  • another known two-hand gestures are the guns Up is the slogan and hand signal of Texas Tech University. The gesture is made from a closed hand by extending the index finger forward and the thumb up. This hand sign may be made with one or two hands.
  • Hand-rubbing, rubbing both hands together, indicates either one feels cold or one is expecting or anticipating something.

  • Jazz hands are used in dance or other performances by displaying the palms of both hands with fingers splayed.
    two-hand gestures example
  • Time-out — a “T” formed with the hands, with one hand with flat palm placed perpendicular to the other hand with flat palm, roughly in the center — originates in American sports. It is used by players to signal for a time out, or brief pause in play. In basketball, the gesture is additionally used by referees to indicate that a player or coach is guilty of a technical foul.
  • Victory clasp is used to exclaim victory by clasping the hands together and shaking them to one’s side.
  • Whatever – made with the thumb and forefinger of both hands, to form the letter “W”. This two-hand gestures are used to signal that something is not worth the time and energy. Popularized by the movie Clueless.

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